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Success Stories

First Culvert in the US made with UHPC

HiPer steel fibers have been used to reinforce the first UHPC culvert application in the US. The picture below shows the culvert slabs being poured.

Brightline Rail Project Florida

This innovative project utilized HiPer steel fibers to reinforce the UHPC joints between concrete panels in multiple bridge elements.

First Office Building in the US to use UHPC

Revolutionizing office building construction: UHPC precast concrete delivers unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and longevity in the groundbreaking Steel District development.

First UHPC Bridge in the US to use a Reduced Steel Fiber Dosage

The pioneering Gratiot Road Bridge sets a new standard for cost-effective UHPC bridge construction, utilizing an optimized 1.5% steel fiber content without compromising performance.

UHPC Bridge Deck Composite with Galvanized Steel Press Brake Tub Girder Prefabricated Bridge Units

Innovative UHPC-steel composite bridge delivers cost-effective, accelerated construction and a 100-year maintenance-free lifespan, revolutionizing bridge design and installation.

First Bridge in the US to use a Superstructure that is 100% UHPC

Bricker Road Bridge: The first 100% UHPC superstructure bridge in the US, delivering unparalleled cost savings, durability, and a 150-year lifespan

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