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UHPC 1-0-1

Alright, let's get you up to speed with the basics


What is UHPC?

Ultra-high performance concrete is an innovative concrete technology that is rapidly gaining momentum throughout the world. With a compressive strength of at least 150 MPa (21.7 ksi), the component materials self-consolidate to yield extremely high durability and mechanical properties. UHPC is reinforced by steel fibers, which enhance the material’s tensile strength and energy dissipation capacity.

What is open recipe UHPC?

In contrast to proprietary Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) with its undisclosed formula, open recipe UHPC offers a transparent approach with its publicly available recipe and mixing process. This open nature fosters collaborative development, akin to the concept of open source software in the realm of software engineering. By sharing our open recipe UHPC, we invite others to contribute to its evolution. Drawing on extensive expertise in UHPC technology, our formula consistently produces high-quality material with exceptional fresh and hardened properties. Our extensive track record of technical publications spanning 15 years details the formulation process and provides comprehensive data on the resulting UHPC.

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