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Because the only thing better than a great recipe is sharing it with others


UHPC is here to stay and everyone should benefit from it

At HiPer Fiber, we believe in the power of collaboration and open development. That's why we share our open Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) formula, which provides a solid foundation for others to build upon and innovate.

Mix Ingredients and Weights

Create your custom UHPC with HiPer Fibers



Slag Cement

Silica fume



HiPer Fibers

Fine sand

(grain size 100-300 micron)

Coarse sand

(grain size 400-900 micron)

Defoaming agent

IMPERIAL UNITS (per cubic yard)

653 lb
653 lb

327 lb

227 lb or 33.2 gallons

39.2 lb or 550 oz

200-265 lb
369 lb
1585 lb
4 lb

METRIC UNITS (per cubic meter)

388 kg
388 kg

194 kg

164 kg

23 kg

118-157 kg *
230 kg
920 kg
2.4 kg


Create your custom UHPC with HiPer Fibers

   * - High demand applications, such as blast and impact loading, would tend to require 2% by 
       volume, the remaining all other applications, e.g. traffic loading on bridges, 1.5% by volume. 
      Dosage can be increased to address extreme loading conditions.

  1. Water/cement ratio is 0.23. If it is hot (say above 80 degrees ambient temperature), you could use ice (20% - 40% of water) to aid in mixing. 

  2. If you use Elkem 900W or a light colored silica fume, you may need to reduce the HRWR a bit

  3. Batch trial is recommended

  4. This information is not warrantied. You must conduct your own testing to ascertain performance. 

Mix Protocol 

Create your custom UHPC with HiPer Fibers

  1. Dry mix: 10 minutes. Add water and HRWR over 2 minutes

  2. Wait for turnover (fluidity), which usually occurs within 15 minutes 

  3. Mix another 10 minutes after turnover

  4. Add fibers gradually over 2 minutes

  5. Mix for ten minutes then cast. 


Create your custom UHPC with HiPer Fibers

Can be mixed in most mixers including ready-mix trucks


Excited, but still not sure how to do it?!

Join our UHPC community and unlock the rest of this page containing:

  1. Suggested suppliers

  2. Spread test recommendations

  3. Compression test recommendations

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