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Innovative Technology:
Surface Striations


Striated fibers are tailored to maximize UHPC performance

At HiPer Fiber Solutions, we've revolutionized steel fiber technology with our patented surface striations. These micro-engineered surface features optimize the fiber-matrix bond, dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of our fibers in Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC).

If you look carefully at the video, you will see light glinting off the micron-scale striations on the surface of our fibers. The optimized striation patterns are so small as to be almost invisible under normal light, but they play a big role in making our fiber highly effective for reinforcing UHPC. 

HiPer Fibers offer unparalleled performance compared to smooth fibers

  1. Save money by using up to 50% less fibers to achieve the same performance

  2. Use full dosage to achieve vastly improved UHPC properties

  3. No hooks or other deformations to complicate mixing

  4. Reduce mixing problems when 3D printing by using application tailored HiPer 3D fibers

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