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First Bridge in the US to use a Superstructure that is 100% UHPC

Bricker Road Bridge: The first 100% UHPC superstructure bridge in the US, delivering unparalleled cost savings, durability, and a 150-year lifespan

Built in 2022, the Bricker Road Bridge over the Quackenbush Drain in St. Clair County, Michigan is the first bridge in the US to have a 100% UHPC superstructure. The bridge utilized our open UHPC recipe and signature Type X HiPer steel fibers. The UHPC was mixed in a ready mix truck by a crew with little to no experience with UHPC mixing. 



The bridge’s initial cost was 30% cheaper than a traditional bridge. The savings were due to its extremely low weight (⅔ less than a traditional concrete bridge), which led to savings in transportation, foundation and construction costs. Since it is made of UHPC, it is expected that the bridge will have a more than 150 year life with minimal maintenance, leading to terrific long term cost savings in addition to the demonstrated short term savings. 




For its innovative design, the bridge received the “First Place Award in the Small Bridge Category” in the Third International Interactive Symposium on Ultra High Performance Concrete (3IISUHPC) in June 2023. The bridge was dubbed "A Small UHPC Bridge with Big Implications''. Further information about the bridge can be found here.

Novel, Ultra Slim, Ultra Durable Triple Tee UHPC Deck Panel System

Further details can be found in this article in Aspire Magazine:

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