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Like its commercial counterpart, generic UHPC can achieve exceptional short term and long term properties.


  • Compressive strength in the 170-200 MPa (25-30 ksi) range

  • Direct tensile cracking strength of 7-12 MPa (1-1.7 ksi)

  • Direct tensile peak strength of 8-24 MPa (1.2-3.5 ksi)

  • Negligible exposed surface mass loss (g/cm²) after more than 100 freeze thaw cycles

  • Negligible passed charge (coulombs) in a rapid chloride penetration test

  • Extremely small autogenous shrinkage

UHPC derives its unique properties from its high packing density, which is achieved by carefully controlling the size and distribution of the constituent particles, and incorporating steel fibers. The uniformity of the matrix results in a discontinuous pore structure, which prevents water from entering the material, leading to its exceptional durability properties.

Figure above: comparison between regular concrete and UHPC. Note the uniform nature of UHPC.

Watch a video of compression test below

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