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UHPC: The Future of Precast Products

With its highly desirable properties, UHPC is expected to unleash unprecedented innovation in the precast industry as new lightweight, super-strong, ultra-slim and ultra-durable structural components become possible. 

The picture below is for a 24 ft long (8 m) UHPC bridge slab panel that has a 3” (75 mm) flange and three 10.5” (260 mm) webs. The panel, made of UHPC with HiPer steel fiber reinforcement, was poured in a metal form and cured for 24 hours before being removed from the form.

The UHPC mix is an open one and all the components are off the shelf. It was mixed in a truck. You can learn more about open mix UHPC on our website. It achieves 20 ksi (140 MPa) strength in 2 weeks without special curing and 25 ksi (175 MPa) in 28 days.


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