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With funding from the NCHRP-IDEA program of the National Academies, HiPer Fiber, LLC, was a key partner in the design and construction of yet another UHPC bridge in Michigan with a new, superslim deck design. The new design has a 3” deck and 10.5 in ribs, is 22 ft long and 36 ft wide. It is about two-thirds less weight than the deck superstructure it replaced

The new bridge contains HiPer Type X, advanced steel fibers at a dosage of 2% by volume. Type X prototype fibers have 250% the pullout capacity of traditional fibers. They boosted UHPC ductility by 65% in recent tests at a major University.

With its immense strength and durability, UHPC technology is opening the door to a new era of superlight, superslim bridge construction that enables massive savings in foundation, construction, transportation, and lifecycle costs.

We are proud of our role in pushing forward this novel technology.

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