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Ah, the Striations!

If you look carefully at the video below, you will see light glinting off the micron-scale striations on the surface of our fibers. The striations are so small as to be almost invisible under normal light, but they play a big role in making our fiber super effective for reinforcing UHPC. 

Unlike the smooth fibers on the market today, striated fibers bond in an optimized manner to the matrix to dramatically enhance UHPC properties. You can therefore use less striated fibers than regular fibers to reduce UHPC cost or use the same dosage to achieve exceptional UHPC performance - which also leads to savings in structural design. Since they mimic the response of longer fibers, you can use shorter fibers, which is especially useful for 3D printing applications. 

UHPC is expensive: use only the best fibers to reinforce it.

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