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HiPer SL Type X Fibers

Leverage Type X steel fibers for your structural needs and design members that are not only up to 20% lighter but also boast a 20% lower carbon footprint, compared to traditional smooth steel fibers.

Unlike other fibers on the market, Type X striated steel fibers are specifically designed to optimally reinforce UHPC. The fiber’s striated surface engages with the UHPC matrix to provide just the right amount of resistance to pullout. In the figure below, the fibers are tuned to provide 130% more pullout resistance than the leading competing smooth steel fiber.

Type X’s optimal pullout response is designed to enhance the material’s ductility. For the same dosage, Type X steel fibers will more than double the localization strain of the UHPC composite.  Localization is a limit-state condition in structural design and so higher material ductility translates directly into higher design structural resistance. In other words, for the same structural demand, you can design a structural member that is up to 20% less weight (and has a 20% lower carbon footprint) when it is reinforced with Type X steel fibers compared to smooth steel fibers.   

Performance enhancement in four point bending test:

The enhancements in performance can be seen in the table below:


Improvement over smooth fibers


Pullout Load

+ 130%

Improves ability to resist local damage, e.g. due to impact

Strain To Failure

+ 175%

Enhances ability of structures to flex prior to failure, which improves resistance to extreme events such as earthquakes

Tensile Strength

+ 28%

Leads to stronger structures

Pullout Energy Dissipation

+ 200%

Enhances blast and impact resistance

Flexural Strength

+ 18

Reduces member size and hence embodied carbon

Interfacial Bond Strength

+ 120%

Allows shorter fibers to be used to minimize nozzle blockage in 3D printing applications

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