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Up To 200 Years Lifespan

Ensures that UHPC lives up to its full durability potential

HiPer steel fibers bring out the terrific durability potential of UHPC. Thanks to its super dense makeup and disconnected pore structure, UHPC is an exceedingly durable material. The dense composition, which is to optimal particle packing, greatly impedes chloride ions from reaching the reinforcing steel or fibers. The disconnected pore structure prevents water from entering the material and hence kills the freeze-thaw cycle at its origin. The impermeability to water also eliminates other deterioration mechanisms associated with concrete including ASR (alkali silica reaction). 

The figure above shows that mass loss per the RILEM TC176-IDC test is two orders of magnitude less than that of regular concrete. It is estimated that UHPC structures could conservatively have a life of at least 200 years.

The figure above shows that the chloride penetration resistance of UHPC is about two orders of magnitude higher than that of regular concrete. This means that the steel fibers and bar reinforcement are greatly protected in the UHPC matrix.

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